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Luckily for you, you've probably come to the right spot. Fill out this exceedingly lovely chart who's coding I cribbed from [ profile] wehwalt with the fancy text being provided by [community profile] vigils. Thanks guys. Once you've filled it out, find other people who are interested in the same things you are, make friends, plot out something, and get to threading!

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WHO: Iona Lavellan, Loghain Mac Tir
WHERE: Adamant Fortress
WHEN: Immediately after coming out of the Fade in Here Lies the Abyss

I thought I'd learned a thing or two )
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WHO: Iona Lavellan, Loghain Mac Tir
WHERE: Skyhold? Then onto the Winter Palace
WHEN: Before, during, and after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts?

I choose the way to go, but the road won't set me free )
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WHO: Loghain Mac Tir, Eldiana Surana
WHERE: Denerim palace
WHEN: just after Loghain's Joining
WARNINGS: talk of death and demons and darkspawn

lives were in my hands and i failed. nothing excuses that )
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WHO: Loghain Mac Tir, Iona Lavellan
WHERE: Crestwood
WHEN: Just after the rift is sealed
WARNINGS: idk talk of walking corpses?

I've certainly been mistaken about you before )
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WHO: Blackwall, Iona Lavellan
WHERE: Hinterlands > Haven
WHEN: Fuzzy time, whenever Lavellan decides to recruit him
WARNINGS: TBA, although swearing is always a thing with Blackwall. Spoilers for Blackwall's companion quests, etc

Grey Wardens can inspire. Make you better than you think you are )
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WHO: Eldiana Surana, Wynne
WHEN: Post-The Broken Circle and Redcliffe
WARNINGS: Grief, trauma

you can't go home again because home has ceased to exist except in the mothballs of memory )
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WHO: Huguette Bonnay (OC), Elera Lavellan
WHERE: Haven
WHEN: Post-The Threat Remains, pre-In Hushed Whispers
WARNINGS: TBA as needed

Her armour is a disgrace. Which, now she thinks about it, there are two ways of understanding that statement. The more metaphorical is the sword down the front of her chest-piece, the heraldry of the Templar Order, is covered in druffalo shit after the past year. The more practical is that she'd had to be practical on her journey to Haven. Armour isn't cheap even if you are of a size where you can by pre-made pieces, and Huguette is too tall, too much the wrong shape for that. Armour isn't cheap, but it's needed for travelling safely. So she'd had no choice but to dirty it; only care enough for it so that it was still usable, let the sword down her chestpiece get covered.

To be a templar, alone, is dangerous in ways more stupid than noble.

Once Huguette had reached Haven, shaking and stumbling in the grips of lyrium withdrawal, some kind soul had given her armour an initial clean as she raved and whimpered in bed. If she ever found out who, she'd thank them. Now she's on her feet, if not quite up to full practice or full use yet, she needs to devote some serious time and elbow grease into cleaning it all herself. Which is how the knight comes to be sitting outside her tent, scrubbing rust and grime off metal.

She's dismantled her plate armour, undone all of the buckles and straps, because she's safe enough here to do so. If need be, if anyone attacks Haven, she's wearing a gambeson (cleaner than her own, if a little big) and she has her greataxe propped next to her. She's already finished with the front half of her chestpiece, and that is leaning against the log she's calling a bench. Currently, it's the back which has her scrubbing and scrubbing and trying not to swear. Or, indeed, breathe in too deeply, because the cleaning spirits she'd looted from some templars-turned-bandits (bastards, bastards all of them, how dare they, she'd killed them for it but how fucking dare they-) is strong, it does the job, and it stinks. It'd made her head spin, if she was without air.

"Um, Huguette, you wanted..."

She looks up and smiles at Emma. The little girl smiles back, braver than she'd been a few days ago.

"Bless you," Huguette says, taking rags from her. "This will help a lot. Here," she flicks a coin (one of the last she has) at her, and Emma catches it. It reminds Huguette of herself, back in the alienage, which might be a reason why she's looking out for the girl. Beyond just basic decency, anyway. "No one's been giving you any trouble, have they?"

Emma shakes her head, eyes huge and sincere and possibly full of lies. That, too, Huguette remembers. "Nope."

"All right. They call you knife-ear again, come to me. I'll set them straight. Now, off you go, da'len. You've got chores, I know."

Emma grins and then darts off. Huguette shakes her head and then bends back over her armour. Damn rust. If she could smite it, that'd be so useful.
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WHO: Fenris and Mahallain Lavellan
WHERE: Skyhold
WHEN: Post-Here Lies the Abyss
WARNINGS: Here Lies the Abyss spoilers, spoilers for Fenris' plot in DA2.
NOTES: Default worldstate except that Hawke romanced Fenris.

It had been foolish to expect anything from a trip to Skyhold. )
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WHO: Marian Hawke + OPEN
WHERE: Hinterlands, Skyhold, Crestwood, name your place!
WHEN: Inquisition-era
WARNINGS: TBD + DA2 spoilers everywhere
NOTES: mage!Hawke, World State flexible, willing to thread with multiple Inquisitors, Isabelamance unless otherwise desired

there's nothing in this world i wouldn't do )
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WHO: Ginevra Trevelyan, Blackwall
WHERE: Skyhold | Stables
WHEN: Just following Revelations and the judging
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Blackwall's companion quest and potential talk of murder and betrayal

We could make the world better. It's just easier to shut our eyes. )
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WHO: Ginevra Trevelyan, Blackwall
WHERE: Haven | Stables
WHEN: Post-Champions of the Just
WARNINGS: Post attempted possession/mindfuckery

Envy had twisted her cabin. )
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